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Psychedelics & Power Dynamics

Psychedelic Womxn’s Circle


17:00 - 19:00

Tempelhof -Berlin

Psychedelic communities are in no way immune to the power dynamics of our current colonial-patriarchal-capitalist society. In fact, more and more stories emerge of leaders taking advantage of participants in their “vulnerable state” revealing unquestioned positions of power. We want to invite you to share experiences and dialogue on this topic, asking: How do we imagine and practice leadership and community responsibility in the age of spiritual bypassing and hidden ego trips? How can leaders (and all members of a community) learn to leverage their position to make a meaningful contribution toward collective liberation?

Whether you've been to a circle before or are just curious to see what our group is about, come join us!

This is a donation based event; anything you are able to contribute is greatly appreciated. We use all of the funds for future venue rental and for organizing future events. Suggested sliding scale for the donation is from 5 to 15 EUR, but no one will be turned away.

Artwork by Radka SoulArt

EVENT: Psychedelics & Power Dynamics

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