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Psychedelic Agora is a collective of womxn* with a shared interest in the exploration of expanded states of consciousness and in the healing potential of psychedelic medicine. We are devoted to creating safer spaces for conscious explorers who value personal and collective healing and transformation, who believe in the transformative power of expanded states of consciousness, and who seek community for connection, healing and weaving collective wisdom.

*womxn of all racial, cultural, gender identities and sexual orientation including but not limited to QueerLesbianBiTransInter

Our Vision

We believe that expanded states of consciousness and psychedelic medicine can be a powerful catalyst for healing, empowerment, and positive social change. By working with psychedelic medicine, as well as entering expanded states of consciousness through other various powerful modalities such as meditation, mindfulness, yoga, breathwork, dreamwork, dancing, chanting, ritual drumming, we can gain new insights to heal from both our individual and multigenerational trauma. Through individual healing we can also contribute to collective and universal healing and wellbeing, work that we consider to be essential for the survival of our planet. We believe that we have the power to wake up and lift the veil of our everyday reality to see that there is more behind our dominant patriarchal and neoliberal structures. In doing so we give birth to a loving, caring and compassionate reality for all.

What We Offer
  • Psychedelic Womxn Circles

    This is the first format that emerged from our gatherings as a collective. In these circles, we bring forth different topics to discuss in conjunction with the theme of psychedelic medicine.

    These circles are held specifically for womxn in order to ensure a safer space for sharing personal experiences and connections to each topic. This format allows for both vast and specific, continued exploration - we are happy to include new topics as they arise.

  • Integration Circles

    Integration circles are rooted in the idea that collectively, we have the wisdom and power to uncover our needs and be with each other in support of them, and that the power of being seen, heard, and understood is critical and powerful to the process of integration and healing.

    Our circles offer a time and safe space to share authentically from the heart, in the nonjudgmental presence of others who may understand. We can come, however we are, to share our challenges, learnings, confusions, uncertainties, revelations, joys, and questions.

    Together we explore, learn, and grow a little wiser from each other and closer in community.
    The format of our circles consist of an opening meditation or somatic exercise, a sharing portion in which everyone has the chance (but is not required) to share, with time for feedback and reflections from the group, and then a closing exercise.

  • Arts & Pleasure

    We organize different types of activities (e.g. picnics, film screenings) where we welcome our community to gather - both new and returning members as well as people of all genders. These are the moments to send our nuggets of wisdom like mushroom spores further out into the world. A time to celebrate the shifts and transformations emerging from our circles.

  • Womxn's Weekends

    A few times a year our community comes together in a safe, loving, collective space of healing where we tune into our bodies and allow transformations of consciousness to take place. We keep our weekend gatherings in a co-creative spirit in that we share responsibilities for preparing ourselves for the weekend and shaping the magical space together.

  • Individual Integration

    Sometimes we could do with a little extra, individual-focused attention and care, with more time and support in a safe space to explore more vastly and thoroughly.

    One-on-one integration sessions offer this opportunity to dive deeper with intention into whatever has come up during or from an experience, and our resulting integration process, all with the support of a compassionate facilitator.

    Our individual integration support is offered by an integration coach who is part of our organizing team. For more details, you can visit and may inquire for support there or directly with us here.

+ Learn more about our story, aims and values here

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