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Psychedelics & Nature

Psychedelic Womxn’s Circle


19:00 - 22:00


It is well known that psychedelic experiences can provoke sensations of awe and wonder at the natural world, a feeling of connection and even motivation to act environmentally...

Living in fast - paced urban spaces can make us feel disconnected to nature and ourselves, which is why we want to spend our next circle exploring the question - How do we define 'nature'?

Through an interactive sensory exercise and group story sharing, we will discuss how psychedelic experiences have affected our relationship with nature, and have invited new understandings and ideas into our beings.

Bring a herb, botanical, totem or information about your favorite healing plant to share with the group!

The number of participants for this event is limited to maximum 15 due to a limited size of a place in which this event takes place. Please reserve your spot via e-mail

We will send the specific details of how to find the place after you reserve your spot.This event is donation based and your donation will be highly appreciated. Money is going to be used for the purposes of organizing Psychedelic Agora Ventures events in the future. Suggested sliding scale for the donation is from 5 to 10 EUR.

EVENT: Psychedelics & Nature

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