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Psychedelic Integration Circle for Womxn

Integration Circle


19:00 - 21:00


As we emerge and approach spring, let’s come together to reflect on and gather the wisdom of our psychedelic experiences from this winter. You're welcome to join whether or not you intend to share a specific experience. As always, this will be a safe space and time for us to share with, support, and learn from each other and each of our journeys that we each travel on. Together we widen our understanding of how expanded states of consciousness can influence our daily lives.

Whether you've been to a circle before or are just curious to see what our group is about, come join us!

For address please RSVP:

This is a donation based event; anything you are able to contribute is greatly appreciated.
We use all of the funds for future venue rental and for organizing future events.
Suggested sliding scale for the donation is from 5 to 15 EUR, but no one will be turned away.

EVENT: Psychedelic Integration Circle for Womxn

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