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Preparing for an Entheogenic Experience

Psychedelic Womxn’s Circle


19:00 - 22:00


Many say that the journey begins once the calling has been heard (even subconsciously) to the medicine or substance, or once an intention has been set forth. From this point of feeling and following the draw, the preparation begins.

Preparation can mean many things. It ranges from bringing intentionality into the pre-experience mindset, to preparation of the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual body and soul, to arranging the setting - the environment, surroundings, people you're with, to planning the post-experience environment and context. Whatever it may be, however it may look, the preparation that goes into an entheogenic experience or journey has been known to play a large role in the journey itself and the outcome.

Each person may have their distinct flavor of preparation, while there are some other elements that are tried and true. In this month's themed circle, we'll come together to discuss and share with our community, what we know, have experienced, have learned, or are curious and have questions about.

No prior psychedelic experience is necessary to come and take part.

Please bring with you:
Something to write or draw with
Your open heart

The number of participants is limited to a maximum 15. Please reserve your spot via e-mail: We will send the link for ZOOM after you reserve your spot.This event is donation based; anything you can contribute with is greatly appreciated. We suggest sliding scale for the donation from 5 to 15 EUR, but no one will be turned away to participate in the event. We use all of the funds for organizing future events.

EVENT: Preparing for an Entheogenic Experience

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